Botany Buddy Collective
System to improve the gardening experience for older individuals.
Anisoptera Spa is a luxury spa located in Everett, Washington that offers a range of treatments including massages, facials, waxing, and body treatments.

A group project for UW Design Interface 2 we were tasked with enhancing elderly living with a system of 3 IoT (Internet of Things) devices. Making sure to think cautiously about elderly living and catering to them. This project was produced two other wonderful designers, Maggie Zheng, and Kaitlyn Chin.

Botany Buddy image cover - Cobi Stancik
The System
Botany Home

Home to the botany ecosystem, it crafts a personalized letter as well as, being the home for all of the tracked data from the Plant Sitter and the Buddy Bot.

Anisoptera Spa is a cutting-edge spa platform that offers both guests and owners a unique and unparalleled experience. We strive to provide our guests with exceptional accommodations and our owners with top-notch management services.

Planted Plant Sitter

Senses, tracks, and monitors the vital components to plant health. Used as a sensor designed to help track all of the hidden details in gardening the data not many garden goes get to have access too.

Buddy Bot

Mobile cart, that can aid with active gardening services as well as aids in data processing of the garden. This is your helping hand in the garden, your tool to ease your gardening work load.

We designed only one size though we envisioned that if this project were to expand we would have different sizes of bots to help access any sized garden.

Key Aspects

We had a very extensive time working on the smaller details of how this project could theoretically work going into the granular instances of how the control panel on the bot functions. We also outlined the way the data processing would function with the correlative plant and garden reports and the botany letter. We even included based on research findings text size change for elderly accessibility and a customizable homepage to create a more connective experience.

Putting people first

In the design process, we placed a strong emphasis on respecting the privacy and ensuring the consent of elderly individuals.

We achieved this by crafting a "Privacy, Safety and Consent" pamphlet that would be accompanied with the corresponding products when bought. We made a small form zine from an 11x17 piece of paper to create a fun and playful feel compared to a usually mundane information display of other companies. Hoping to incite the user to actually chose to read over their products benefits and concerns.

Use Case - Video Visualization