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Speculative design to integrate AI into the education system
How might we use a speculative design approach to explore future solutions to these emerging problems by designing experiences that provoke conversation and help craft the future world we want to live in?

A 7 week project, completed along with 3 peers, (Melanie Wells, Min Jung Koo, Kris Brauer). This project was for "Design Interface" taught by Stephen Bader and Alanna MacGowan.

Group design framework

How might we design AI that responsibly enhances the learning experience?

Exposure to new sources and viewpoints, context for source material, and feedback and collaboration with AI will help students develop a deeper understanding of their area of inquiry and develop their own unique, informed perspectives.

Draws clear connections to sources and their context, exposes gaps and frictions, and explains itself clearly.

Personalized & Adaptable
Modifies function based on each unique learner, flexibly adapting to growth and/or setbacks.

Collaborative & Process-Driven
Works with students in interactive collaboration, as one tool in a well-balanced creative process.

Collective Storyboarding

After outlining our groups framework we proceeded to brainstorm possible ways we could go about integrating AI into the education system. We ended up with a first concept of a process that tracks a user's critical thinking by looking at the two internal AI agents being used. One for collaborative work in the research phase and the second a TA (teaching assistant) used to help revise work with a critical lens to provide critique on the work so far.

Reconvening our work with the rest of our peers and teachers we felt we were on the right design direction. Ideating the functionality was next, we began figuring how this system would be setup to interact with the high school that would theoretically use it.


Now that we had a outlined how our product would function, we then started to brianstorm its user flow, creating a narrative and user scenario for how this product would be integrated. Making sure to highlight all of the process we outlined to be our main product flow.

Polishing our viewpoint

Imagining a future where responsible and helpful AI enriches the learning experience.

7-10 years in the future, AI will be even more ubiquitous and powerful in its ability to automate gruntwork.

Our speculation is that it will become more important for students to develop critical thinking skills and a process-driven approach involved in completing assignments, rather than to spend time actually producing the output.

With our refined scope and feedback on our current progress we moved into making the wireframes to accompany the user flow, he have made so far. First with rough wireframes to make sure we were on the right track and after a quick critique we quickly moved onto a higher fidelity wireframe.

Lastly with time winding down on the deadline for our project we were given significant critique on our current UI for our wireframes. Notably the structure of how we had the "Search" outlined and the visuals of the "Mind Map"

As a team we came together to to reconfigure our whole system to fit the our crit on making a system to feel more cohesive. While simultaneously working on our final video as we only had 4 days left in the project when we told to overhaul our current system flow.

Final Production