Netflix Scenes
Integrated clipping and sharing system for Netflix.
Prompt - Design and prototype a novel feature integrated within an existing map or streaming app UI.

A 7 week project, completed along with 3 peers, (Janey Yee, Ocean Vu, and Nat Musenga). This project was for "Foundations of Ixd" taught by James Peirce.
Netflix Scenes Cover Photo - Cobi Stancik
Initial direction & research
Refining the scope

As a team we went over the qualities we truly wanted to keep ones we deemed important to the structure of the project. Helping refine our ideas to..Profiles, Scene Integration (both Internal and External), Playlist Curation and Timeline Management.

We also outlined our features sitemap to understand the flow of these new products.All of these features functioning around the novel feature of being able to clip scenes from Netflix, that then can be shared externally, viewed/kept internally to create a more dynamic user experience on Netflix.

Developing prototype

Using our initial research and direction we developed our prototype design to be user tested. Expanding on our 4 approaches to our user flows.

Exploring scene info, with the idea of having scene based integrated data to redirect to an actors new directory page.

Exploring an external to internal flow and it would fit into Netflix’s existing UI, along with how this novel feature would look.

Developing an internal area to host the content that would be created with clipping, making sure that audience retention is maintained instead of just solely redirecting content outside of Netflix.

Lastly, making sure we developed an external share for mobile users as they from research are more likely to be ones who want to share content they are watching rather than someone who would have to clip and share from their TV.

Final research

All in all, our target audience is the Netflix user who wants to have both a personable (movie theater) experience and a shared word-of-mouth experience. However, we have secondary stakeholders - those who want to have a community-based experience. Those users will not be alienated since we plan on Netflix integration with several main social media platforms, so they can create community around their favorite content where they usually would regardless. It wouldn’t make sense for us to do that in Netflix (or in the theater, in our analogy)!

Project completion

After our User Research we now knew as a team what aspects to focus on as well what to expand more for a better user experience, including micro interactions to make the feel of the flows more feasible. With that we finalized our prototypes, and interactive flows and presented our findings to our class.